Amazon is much more than an online store - Hydrogen Code
November 29, 2016

Black Friday syndrome has spread everywhere, infecting even countries who never used to celebrate it. Everyone in the digital world was constantly reminded about the huge blowout sales.

It’s only a few years ago that countries like Italy has introduced festivity like Halloween or Black Friday anche the experiments seemed to work: this year Amazon sold 1.1 million of items, one every 1.12 seconds.   

And as Black Friday here it comes the Cyber Monday!

There’s nothing strange about discount sales nor in people who love them, but we found peculiar that we constantly need new excuses for discounts, like importing from other tradition or inventing new days to celebrate. It looks like we we can’t buy something at regular price without feeling dumb.

Not only Amazon has understood this: it exploited this need, creating a strategy that revolves around discounts. Amazon is more than an e-commerce: it’s a discounts factory! In mix the traditional blowout sales with random ones, aimed only at gaining people’s attention. How many times did you buy something only because a banner from Amazon came out suggesting us that the beautiful pair of gloves you looked at 2 months ago is not 20% off?      

Of course Amazon did not invent anything. We are used to TV spots where an incredibile offer will end this Sunday… just to start again next Monday. Difference is this approach was typical of a brad, or a kind of products: Amazon has extended it to its whole catalogue.

Amazon is so huge it’s stopped being just an online store. Amazon is able to drive strategies, suggesting which are the best prices for any single client. Its strength is not only it huge database: it’s the data it holds about its clients that give Amazon a big boost against competitors. This is why you probably should ally with it if you want to sell your goods online. Not only Amazon will take care of the storage and distribution: it will be helpful in finding the best strategy to increase profit. Otherwise, why FIAT choose to sell some of it cars online through it?