Spark - the shopaholic social network from Amazon - Hydrogen Code
July 26, 2017

There are so many social networks on Internet to think there’s space for some more. Users do not like to make a switch from their favorite platform and only a few of them are brave enough to experiment alternatives. Snapchat nearly made it – thanks to its interface and the introduction of Stories was beloved by younger – but in a few months both Facebook and Instagram regained the lost momentum, halting the impressive growth of the “ghostly” social. Anyway, there’s still someone  brave enough to try entering the social network market. Not an average joe: we’re talking about Jeff Besoz.

The new social is called Spark and is not free to everyone: only Amazon Prime’s subscribers can access it. Right now is available only for US users and on iOS, with an Android version coming soon. The trojan horse for Spark is that is not a standalone application but is integrated with Amazon Shopping app, used by millions of people to shop for anything, fresh food included.

All the features are based on the products sold trough Amazon. Users must indicate their interests (food, gadget, drones and so on) and Spark will start generating a feed with post created by Amazon users: reviews, pictures, suggestions, tutorials and so on. Right now interaction is pretty limited. You can “like” a post, comment it or follow a user. And, of course, buy the item is talking about with a tap, without exiting the app. You can already buy from Facebook and Instagram, but when you tap on items you are redirected to the company’s shop. Amazon’s solution is much more user friendly and lets you complete immediately the transaction.

Spark has some very interesting features. It suggests you things you may be interested in, completed with reviews from people who already bought it. Not professional reviewers, not influencers, just normal people. Those whose opinion is more trusted, unlike professional influencers who get paid to sponsor something.

There are some aspects which still need to be refined, like the privacy policy. Right now it’s very basic and any content is public, with the exception of your personal data and shopping list who still are a secret between you and Amazon.