The console war is fought on Twitter - Hydrogen Code
September 14, 2016

The console war in born together with videogames. In the beginning it was C64 Vs Spectrum, then Atari Vs Amiga, SEGA Vs Nintendo until now, with Sony Vs Microsoft. Gamers love to fight on forums, Facebook or Reddit, trying to declare the supremacy of their favourite game system while marketing departments giggle in looking at their customers defending their beloved console. Of course sometimes even the marketing enter the battleground. This time it was Microsoft that opted for an approach more aggressive than usual.

While Sony was presenting its new PlayStation 4 Pro, its competitor was very active on Twitter, underlying in real time al the features that made the new PlayStation worse than the upcoming Microsoft’s console. Some of the Sony’s decisions were not appreciated by gamers and Microsoft was aggressive enough to foster this delusion trying to “steal” some of the competitor’s fans.

The result is a series of tweets in which Microsoft attach Sony without even naming them, just suggesting that Xnox One S will do everything PlayStation 4 Pro won’t.

Just a few characters that only gamers could fully understand, but enough to point out all the weakness, real or presumed. Something capable of elating Xbox users and at the same time piss of Sony’s customers, generating never ending flame wars online.

Such a strategy is very aggressive, so much that someone has defined it “bullish”. Thats’ because the storytelling seems more focused on diminishing the competitor than to impress with the superiority of Xbox. Add the fact that those tweets has been sent immediately after PlayStation’s presentation and you can understand why Sony’s fans are pretty angry at Microsoft.

Of course Microsoft is trying to boost its sales in this way (right now is lagging behind Sony) and  knows its players lover arguing on social network about which console is better. this is why has decided do hijack Sony’s discussione to let gamers know, and fight, about MS difference.

Sony at the moment as preferred to be silent and do not reply to the provocations. Partly because PS4 sells much more than Xbox One, partly because it prefer to avoid a virtual brawl at the momento. Sometimes is better to shut up than trying to shout louder than the others.