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Behind every successful project there’s a winning idea. Finding the right one requires a deep knowledge of the market and the ability to communicate it properly.

Hydrogen masters all the tools needed to identify and analyze the reference market to bring out the unique values of your product.


When a company is still in the gestation stage the number one priority is to distinguish itself, transmitting its values and its passion. A Startup must be able to persuade clients and investors that is the right choice.

To succeed in this stage every little detail count, from the business card design to the visual of his website and his Digital Identity.

Hydrogen developed a long experience in this sector and is able to make a company stand out as an internationally recognised Brand.

Web & mobile

A website is the first step for your digital presence, but is not enough: having a responsive website, usable on any platform from PC to smarpthone, is mandatory.

Nowadays, people get informations and buy goods online, using the smartphone, and Hydrogen knows the needs of digital natives that rely on their mobile devices for anything.

Social media

Even if most Internet users have a Social profile, if you want to reach them you need a deep knowledge of the various Social Networks to find the right strategy.

Hydrogen mission is to manage your social profiles, finding how to keep in touch with your clients, to understand their needs and give them momentum, viralizing your contents on those platforms which are evolving the world of communication.

Brand & Product Adv

Adv campaigns must be awesome to be effective, but they must reflect the values of your Brand.

When a customer pays for a good, is not just buying a product: he’s sharing the same values of the  company who’s selling it, adhering its philosophy, he’s being part of something bigger.

To be effective, adv campaigns must keep this in mind, and make resonate the strings of the customer at the same frequency of the seller. This skill has always been part of the Hydrogen’s DNA.