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A Company is not represented entirely by his products: his values are much more important.

Hydrogen has developed a lot of expertise in the creation of DNA business. Starting from the story and the value of your Company we can build a reputation that reflect your values, spread them to your audience and is evident in every little detail of your communication, from the logo to promotional materials.

integrated marketing

Integrated Marketing mix traditional Marketing and Advertising together with new approacheas to strengthen the message.

Traditional advertising, Social Networks and Guerrilla Marketing blend together to create a new sinergy, to make your content go viral and be unique.

Hydrogen will help you make the communication more dynamic and intriguing, to engage your audience so that they are not only viewer.

web app & design

Your presence in the digital world is a must, but being there is not enough: your Website should be nice looking and useful to intercept user’s needs.Hydrogen is able to build a Website that fit perfectly your company, capable of assuring the right visibility to you work and your Brand.

When the Website is not enough, we can create Apps for iOS and Android to give your business a bump, to reach an even bigger audience.

social media & digital adv

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube… Social Networks represent a huge opportunity, but they are not risk free. Your Social presence requires you to be always updated and online.

Hydrogen can help you find the right Social Network for you activity, to define your social DNA, to create Viral Campaigns for exploiting all the potenzial of a growing and evolving world.