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Luca Magnoni

Founder | Creative Director

As a designer, musician, journalist and digital artist, he has contributed since the beginning to the avant-garde artistic trends affirming the validity of digital development as a means of expression and communication. After gaining significant experience in Milanese agencies, in 2004 he takes on the management of the national magazines, Computer Arts and Computer Arts Special, leading them to become the focal point for Italian creativity.

In 2006 he becomes Executive Member of IADAS of New York (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences), the prestigious organization, which includes the foremost creative spirits in the world and which constitutes the national jury of the Webby Awards, the Web Oscar.

In 2008 he founds Hydrogen, Branding and Communication Agency, and becomes Creative & Design Director of the Ninja group, the first non-conventional italian Agency.

Fabrizio Loveri

Co-Founder | Graphic Director

This art lover starts his creative path as a street artist: walls, trains and buildings have been the canvas for his artistic production for years, exalting a graphic talent for explosive and trenchant communication.

His passion leads him to examine in depth image dynamics with artistic studies on realism.

The mix of his two creative souls merge in graphics, a further progression of his academic studies, finding expression in a wider world where communication can come alive through platforms which he helps generate.

His works are characterized by perfect integration between different media, in which Art and Design find the correct expressive balance. Expert in Brand Image, Logo and Web Design, he handles the design of the visual aspects of the projects.

Lorenzo De Marinis

Language Director

Cinematographic, radio and television author, active also in independent projects, he has contributed for many years in the major production centers, achieving significant successes such as “Le Iene” and “Camera Café”.

He has assisted in the production of documentaries for european networks like the BBC, and he has had responsibility for projects of elevated cultural depth such as “Bastoggi” for independent production centers.

Even if he is without doubt part of the refined and cultured world, his projects are characterized by an accessible language closely linked to everyday life. The delicate mixture of classicism and contemporaneity, of holy and profane, guarantees that his texts are always immediate and never banal.

He is a writer of quality..

Alberto Inzaghi

Legal Advisor for Startup

Alberto is a lawyer with expertise in Industrial Property, Commercial Rights and Civil Liability.
He teaches economic and juridical classes in various institutes, both public and private, also in international seminars.
Having worked for years in the field of Patents and Copyright he’s able to help Companies with Legal Advice since the beginning through all the evolution of the Brand.

He matured international experiences and developed a net of contacts in Brasil, where he provides legal advice.

In Hydrogen he provide his skills to help the growth of Startups and drive them through the right choices, optimizing time and resources.

Luca Della Puca

Tax Advisor for Startup

Luca eats tax advice for breakfast, together with contract assistance and capital and resources planning and management.

His expertise in Marketing and Communications makes him the perfect choice to solve burocratic problems and to help Startups from the start of their journey during their growth and evolution. Thanks to his experience in the United Arab Emirates and Brasil, he can provide brokerage and assistance in the international field, especially with the aforementioned countries.

In Hydrogen he’s in charge for fiscal assistance and for helping Startups since the foundation.