HYDROGEN - Hydrogen Code



How can we share with our clients the meaning and the significance of Branding other than offering a concrete example of our skills?

In chemistry, hydrogen is the basic and most abundant element in the universe, a fundamental energy carrier. This is why we choose it to create our Brand, starting from the Naming. As the hydrogen does, we are able to create a strong bond with our clients to build together the genetic code of their communication.

We opted for a peculiar shade of Green, our unique green, opposed to the austerity of the Black and to the spatiality of White.
We built our Font from scratch, designing it in a way that shows the modularity of operation, strengthening it with a payoff to clarify even better the message: “Generate your code”.

The Logo, the Business Cards, the Website and all graphic elements have been conceived to communicate these values. But the graphical representation is not enough: you need to have the product in your hands to better understand our efforts, so that you can realize how many different kinds of paper are available, how they feel when you touch them, or how fast and usable should be a Website.


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