PLAIN INK - Hydrogen Code



To create the Brand Identity of Plain Ink from scratch, defining the marketing and communication strategies of the Onlus, setting up high impact projects covering the field of literacy an intercultural dialogue.


Spread the Plain Ink message to the public by collecting all the projects of the Startup on a single portal which included an online shop where they could sell their products and receive the donations needed to realize the ideas. Plain Ink’s actions in Italy were focused on the distribution of publications related to intercultural dialogue for children. Internationally, the focus was on literacy projects for critical countris like India and Afghanistan.

Since the official launch in March 2010, Plain Ink has won many Awards and international Fellowships, earning prizes like Premio per la Pace of Lombardy, Rolex Awards for Enterprise, The Intercultural Innovation Award and the e-content Award.


Marketing Strategy
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design

Brand identity

Editorial design

Web design