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To create a positive and emotional bond between the history of the brand and the influencer community of the Net, formed by passionate and often hypercritical bloggers and a new generation digital natives always immersed in the web-technology dynamics.

The Brand goal was to make people think over the usefulness of mobile Internet access and to promote Alice’s mobile rates.


We created “Techlovers – storie di felicità (e infelicità) tecnologica”, a cross-media format aimed at collecting italians real life stories about technolgy and Web 2.0. The users were invited to send their storytelling videos and to vote the most representative of Italy 2.0 and to “viralize” the initiative involving friends, inviting them to enroll on the Website to express their judgment and to publish Techlovers banners.

The most wonderful and representative history of technologic life became then the first Web-Documentary made by the Web, in the Web and for the Web: “Italiani 2.0”, broadcasted also on digital and satellite television channels.

The platform has created a network with over 3000 members, 130 storytellers, over 15.000 expressed votes, 800.000 video visualizations and 200.000 individual visitors.


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