Creating the ‘Accademia del Suono’ Brand, starting from the Naming and the Logo to all the components of the corporate branding and of the communication strategy. The aim is to set the Brand as a focal point in Italy for teaching in the musical and audio world.


Focusing on the values of excellence of the teaching staff and of the structure, the aim is to create a solid and renowned image. The process has lived many phases and each phase was focused on a defined objective.
Within five years the Academy has become a pole of excellence, that has achieved world-wide approval. It boasts about thirty important teachers and many renowned seminarians such as Pat Martino and Steve Vay. The recording studio has produced successes like “Pere e Cioccolato” of Elisir, that have been awarded the 2009 Tenco Prize as best debut CD.

During his evolution process, Accademia del Suono has created the first eco-system in the Music business, offering a complete range of services. Accademia del Suono started as a music school, but it quickly evolved covering other areas: Publishing, Recording Studios, Services and Events.

Accademia del Suono’s diplomas are internationally renowned both in music (BTEC extended diplomas) and audio production (Avid Pro Tools User Certification), as in most prestigious academic institutions.


Marketing Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design

Logo design

For the design of Accademia del Suono’s logo we got inspiration from clefs and we created a graphic element that immediately evokes music and sound. On the side of the essential logo we inserted a font that recall the solidity and the authority of an academic institution.

The union of these two elements express the balance between art and formality, left and right side of the brain, which represent the soul of the project Accademia del Suono.
Starting from the logo we elaborated two chromatic variations and four declinations, one for each of the main activities: education, events and services, studies and editions, booking.

Brand identity

Every whole is something more than a sum of its parts. This is why, after the logo and the graphic design, we tried to express the soul of Accademia del Suono by creating letterhead, business cards, folders and school cards.
Someone call this Brand Identity. For us is just showing up the real soul of the project through any little detail.

Grapich Design

Video production

One of the most ambitious goal of Accademia del Suono is to make students work in front of the camera in a professional contest. Thanks to their unique style, the videos published on Youtube have a median reach between 10.000 and 20.000 views, with peaks of 100.000.