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Loudemy is an ambitious project that make use the innovative chatbot technology to achieve an ambitious goal: to fight bullism and disinformation.

A new way to engage the audience and activate conversations, overtaking the old schools approach based on blocking or banning users and removing their content.

A new way to face confrontation
Instead of manually moderating comments, admins of Facebook pages, forum and other platform can connect the Loudemy bot to their platform. The bot will reply to any message that could in some way offend others.


The most difficult challenge in developing Loudemy was to make it simple and intuitive the management and interaction with a complex platform that face up sensible topics.
This is why we opted for a flexible structure where the bot administrator choose the sources to moderate conversations. The research of the sources and an in depth study of interactions, mixed with our experience in social media, let us add to Loudemy all the features we found mandatory in our preliminary research.


Logo Design
Web Design
UI Design

Logo design

Starting from a concept shader with our client, we decided to use the shape of a loudhailer, an iconic symbol of bottom-up communication and of the opportunity for anyone to make his voice heard.
The loudhailer reminds of a different activism which is pacific and shared, whose words and message are at the center. The bottom-up communication let us think about the city square, the old Greek agorà, where anyone can participate in conversation and share his knowledge without exclusion or prevarication, with the goal of grow together.

Web design

We choose a one page layout that express the simplicity and ease of use of the platform.

UI design

We strongly believe that the right design is pivotal in any kind of communication. Loudemy UI reflect in any aspect the idea behind the project: to find a balance between the exchange of opinions in a complex ecosystem.


From the idea straight to the product, from the product to the message: the illustrations we’ve designed for the Loudemy project keep those stylistic elements that define Hydrogen’s as a communication company. Those designs clearly convey the need, the urge and the will of people that want to discuss in a informed and conscious way.