COME SUONA IL CAOS - Hydrogen Code



Helping TIM getting in touch with “Green Economy” and “sustainability”, giving young people the chance to express their passions through the language of music, spreading the concept of the “Tribe which recycles” in order to promote the new rate of Tim Tribù 2.0 (an italian mobile community).


SIn December 2008, Street Academy started working at “Come suona il Caos?”, the first virtual laboratory of street music. The involvement of Maestro Capone, leader of the percussionist’s group Capone & BungtBangt, led to the publication of a three months video tutorial aimed to teach young people how to make the “recycling” sing, ie building musical instruments using recycled materials.

The project “Come suona il Caos?” has achieved an incredible outcome, like an extended media coverage both online and offline. It was featured on blogs, web magazines and TV shows from RAI, Mediaset Group and LA 7. The finals, hosted in Bagnoli’s beach in Naples, attracted more than 5.000 people.

This campaing has won many awards, including Premio Web Italia, Premio TP and the 2009 Key Awards.


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