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The launch of “Golden Fire” Strong Lager, a new bottled beer aimed to the fans of Ceres and Tennent’s, through innovative Marketing approaches. The goal was to generate Brand Equity and let taste the new ale to customers of pubs and clubs.


Focusing on the logo of the new beer, the Dragon – which in the celtic tradition represent strentgh, power and mana – we conceived a misterious and surreal story, developing it through different media, online and offline.

The project was split in two phases:

We built in the downtown Turin a multimedia installation featuring a 4 meters tall Dragon’d Egg, wrapped by a km of barbed wire. The fiberglass sculpture hinted a mysterious pulsanting shadow accompanied by an accelerated heartbeat.

The Dragon’s Egg installation managed to get huge visibility and was featured on TGCom – on Italia 1 channel – and on many other media, both online and offline, including newspaper, Blog and Web Magazines.

After two weeks gestation (during Easter), the Egg opened, starting a series of Guerrilla Marketing and Instore Promotions. During the night, the sculpture has been substituted with a new one revealing the Golden Fire’s Bottle. The day after, people found the traces of the Dragon’s presence (Tails, Teeth, Scratches) in donwtown Turin and the same day was launched the Web Spot, which went immediatly viral, generating more than 1.000.000 views only in Italy in less than 2 months, an impressive result in 2007.

Pubs were involved in a series of events all arount the country, letting customers and bartenders getting in touch with Golden Fire’s Dragon. Every detail of the communication has been developed keeping the user experience as the first rule.


Viral Video
Guerrilla Marketing
Instore Promotion

Graphic design


Instore promotion