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Identify and trace the scenario of the role of packaging in the Digital Era for the International Enabler Event – Pack for the Future promoted by Sealed Air in Paris.


To identify the guidelines of the future it is necessary to analyze the past and understand it. The first phase of Socio-Anthropological analysis allowed us to identify and represent the Causes of the Change underway: the evolution of the last century that has brought a radical change in the way of thinking, acting and relating within the Society.

The second phase represents the current scenario in which technology is acting in almost all the processes of the supply chain. It is the time to analyze the variables on which we refer to understand how Companies in different fields have used technology in a practical way to streamline processes and make everything just a click away.

There are, however, other more and more preponderant values that face the new Era and that will become the Drivers of the positioning and communication of the Companies.


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